Druuna’s adventures are seemingly endless. She has transcended time and space, outliving civilizations, ecosystems, and entire worlds, somehow always coming out on the other side looking pretty good. While the most recent chapter of Serpieri’s horror-epic saw Druuna in the time of conquistadors and the New World, with monsters still hot on her heels, she is now travelling to yet another distant period – and for the first time, under the guidance of a new creative team.

Serpieri, Glenat and Lo Scarabeo present a new chapter in the long-running series, with writer Alessio Schreiner and artist Joseph Viglioglia (Eon) exploring Druuna’s life before Morbus Gravis in the prequel trilogy Druuna: Au Commencement.

Titled Hope, the first book in this new series released on February 16, 2022, and from the previews shown it looks like Schreiner and Eon have a firm grasp of what makes Serpieri’s heroine, and the greater Morbus Gravis universe, so engaging.

Druuna: Au Commencement has, as of this article, only be released in French (somewhat fitting, as Morbus Gravis was published first in French by Charlie mensuel [Dell’Orso 2019, 13]) and only as a physical book. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Heavy Metal will be publishing an English language translation this time around, though longtime publisher of Serpieri’s work Lo Scarabeo is also attached to book, hopefully signaling that we’ll get it in other languages at some point.

You can purchase Druuna: Au Commencement now from Glenat.

Have you read part one of Druuna: Au Commencement? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Serpieri, Paolo Eleuteri., and Claudio Dell’Orso. 2019. Morbus Gravis Deluxe Collection. Torino: Lo Scarabeo.

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