It’s been just over a year since Druuna: Speranze, the first part of an all new Druuna series, was released. On April 26, 2023, Lo Scarabeo announced that the second volume in the series, Genesis, would be coming soon. Cannavò is at the helm writing this time around, with Iula and Roi providing the art. Lo Scarabeo released this preview page and a brief tease of what to expect after the first volume’s cliffhanger ending:

“In the white tower, which appeared at the end of the previous album, Druuna comes face to face with her past. The mysterious man who resides there knows the past of our protagonist, the origin of the events narrated by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri in Morbus Gravis. With GENESIS we go back three centuries in time.”

The synopsis goes on to describe that just before the launch of The Citizen (the spacecraft from Morbus Gravis), earth was on the verge of total collapse, with the human population succumbing to pollution, war, and disease. One of the survivors of this event, Demetra, shares a connection with Druuna, though exactly how remains a mystery.

There is no release date or pre-order page for Druuna: Genesis as of this post, but Lo Scarabeo should have details up before long. What did you think of Schreiner and Eon’s work in Speranze? Are you excited for the new creative team in Genesis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Via Lo Scarabeo

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