At the Lake Como Comic Art Festival this past weekend, I stopped by the Krazy Art booth to meet the maestro and pick up the new Druuna prequel book, Genesis. While browsing their extraordinary selection of prints by the illustrator, Krazy Art Founder Michele Lipparini informed me that Serpieri is indeed working on a new Druuna book (will be the sixth in the Lo Scarabeo numbering). Though he didn’t disclose any details, Lipparini did state the story needs to come “full circle”, which makes sense given the ending of Coming From the Wind, with the narrative pushing further into autofiction territory than ever before.

You can check out Krazy Art here. You can purchase Serpieri’s books, including Cannav√≤, Iula, and Roi’s new Druuna prequel graphic novel, Genesis, from Lo Scarabeo.

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