The Digital Art Mile takes place in Basel, Caza’s Arkadi and the Lost Titan gets an English translation, and SuperRare’s Inner Circle subscription launches. Read more in Post Rendered’s news roundup for June 2024.

The Digital Art Mile, Basel

Artmeta’s The Digital Art Mile conference took place from June 11-15. Panels focused on digital art – primarily Web3-based – and its place in the 2024 art world.

ArtNews reported an interesting comment from CryptoPunks collector Hans Joerg, who stated he would prefer if digital art remained niche. He believes that digital art still garners emotional attachment and appreciation, whereas “art has died” in the materialistic art world. Panel topics included: Physical, Digital, or Both; Are Punks the Warhols of our Time?; and Digital Art – Nomads or Residents. A full program list can be found here.

Humanoids launches KickStarter for English Translation of Caza’s Arkadi and the Lost Titan

Humanoids is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an English edition of Caza’s Arkadi and the Lost Titan. The KickStarter quickly surpassed its goal of $5000 USD, reaching almost $237 000 USD by the end of the campaign. Humanoids stated that the work was “stuck in purgatory” for decades, but has been restored thanks to a painstaking scanning and digitization process.

Caza is perhaps best known for his work in Metal Hurlant, where his work was published alongside founders Phillip Druillit and Jean Giraud.

This is only the first of several planned anniversary releases, teased Humanoids, with Arkadi and the Lost Titan timed to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original book’s French releases 35 years ago.

SuperRare Launches Inner Circle

SuperRare introduced its Inner Circle subscription service this month. For 0.01 ETH/month, members will receive a premium monthly newsletter, gain access to the exclusive subscriber group chat, and early access to SuperRare events.

The service is being operated by Hypersub, a crypto-based subscription service catered to connecting artists with fans via crowdfunding.

Post Rendered Recommends: AAM’s Heronia

The English translation of AAM Markosia’s cyberpunk graphic novel Heroina is currently on sale. The action-packed 81-page book features a number of artists throughout, as well as a pinup gallery. It is currently available from DriveThru Comics for $5.99 USD, down from 14.99 USD.

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